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Guidelines for Publication of Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security

Pictures and Advertisement prohibited published in newspapers and magazines

A: Pictures and Advertisement prohibited published in newspapers and magazines are as follows:

* Naked pictures of men and women;
* Pictures of men wearing only G-String;
* Pictures of topless women or women wearing clothes revealing part of their breasts;\
* Pictures of women wearing only bra and panties;
* Pictures of women wearing bikinis;
* Pictures of women wearing lace or see through fabric where her private parts are still clearly visible;
Pictures of semi naked women in alluring poses;
* Pictures of women with her private parts blackened but are still in alluring poses;
* Advertisement of undergarments like bra and panties worn by models or mannequins (only private branded clothing line could be advertised);
* Excerpt of Al-Quran words, sufficient with the publishing of translation of the words and its verses mentioned;
* Any advertisement form Israel
* Advertisement showing pictures of KaÔÇÖabah or mosque as its background;
* Advertisement of contraceptive matters;
* Aerial pictures (except with permission from the Department of Maps)
* Pictures of spaces in all protected places and protected areas under the Ordinance 33/59;
* Pictures of spaces of all the protected places under the 88/72 Act;
* Horrifying pictures of real events (like the close up of somebody covered in blood or somebody decapitated in an accident);
* Advertisements from Foreign Embassies except with permission from Wisma Putra.

B: Tobacco Product Advertisement

Regulations of Tobacco Product Control 1993

Advertisement of tobacco product is prohibited. This includes:

 * It is not allowed to exhibit, cause or allow exhibition, or consent to an exhibition, an advertisement of tobacco product;
 * Pictures of any tobacco product, container including boxes, tins or packets of tobacco product or illustration/ reflect the act of smoking;
* Prohibited to sell, or cause/consent the sale of any films or video tapes or anything that is produced or distributed in Malaysia, that has advertisement of tobacco product;
* Prohibited to distribute, or cause/consent the distribution of any pamphlets, circulated documents that are advertisement of tobacco product in any printed published material, books, magazines, pamphlets, flyers, newspapers or printed material published in Malaysia.


* Advertisement of tobacco product on/at packaging containing tobacco product;
* Publication by the manufacturer of tobacco product in magazines meant for distribution among the workers of the factory only.;\
* Advertisement displayed in shops or retail outlets where the tobacco product is on sale

Starting from 14 August 2004, a ban on all promotion of tobacco except for the football sports until the end of 2004 and motor sports F1 until early 2006.

Starting from 12 May 2004, complete prohibition on all promotion of cigarette brands for all printed media including publication imported for distribution in this country.

C: Advertisement of medication

Advertisement of medication is required to get approval from Malaysia Ministry of Health. Every medication advertisements that needs publication in newspapers or magazines has to have approval reference code from the Ministry of Health. It is advisable to get a copy of the approval letter from the advertising company.

D: Advertisement for the 600 Lines

Starting from 4 September 2002, all form of advertisement offering telephone online chatting services in the printed media is banned.

E: Guidelines coverage on trials of Criminal and Murder Cases for Local Newspaper

Avoid sensationalizing cases in form of speculative and of no foundation news coverage;
Avoid giving overly prominence by publishing only sensational news as the main article in the front page of the newspaper;
Reporting the news fairly and responsibly;
Sensitive not to offend or cause negativity in certain parties to the point of disrupting public peace and harmony;
Place the daily report of cases inside the pages of the newspaper;
Do not publicized pictures of family members, especially wives and children of the offender or victims in sexual crime cases.


Main criteria in determining the place of Islamic Published materials:

* Do not contain any matters that touch on the sanctity of Islam.
* Do not contain propaganda against the Core, Regulations and Teaching of Ahli Sunnah Wal-Jamaah.
* Do not ridicule and question the reliability the main sources of decree in Islam which are Al-Quran, Sunnah, Ijma and Qias.
* Do not contradict with the belief of Ahli Sunah Wal-Jamaah Sect.
* Do not contradict with the rulings or opinion of Jumhur Ulama.
* Do not contain elements of Israiliat, Absurdity and Superstitious Culture.
* Do not create uncertainty and public unrest.
* Do not contain the writings of written Al-Quran words apart from in Arabic.
* Do not contradict historical facts.
* Do not contain illustrations of the Prophets pictures, the four Companians, Angels or characterized the pictures.



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