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Definition of Publication Permit
Periodicals are materials published and printed in any languages for sale or distributed for free on schedules timing but not included what is published for or by the Federal Government or any State Government or the Singapore Government.

Under Section 6 the Printing Machine and Publishing Act (AMCP) 1984 issuing of permits could be considered to anyone who prints periodicals; or imports, publishes, sells, circulates or distributes whatever periodicals printed in Malaysia or Singapore.

Under Section 5, the Printing Machine and Publishing Act (AMCP) 1984 it is a crime for publishing activities without permit and if guilty, could be imprisoned for not more than three years or fined not more than twenty thousand ringgit or both.

Types of Publishing Permit

There are 2 types of Publishing Permit under the AMCP 1984;

i) Publication Permit (Malaysia)

Section 6(1) (a), AMCP 1984: the permit issued to anyone for printing and publishing periodicals in Malaysia.

(Sample Publishing Permit No.: PP15/02/2009(02-Peninsular)

(Sample Publishing Permit No.: PPK 15/02/2009(02-Sarawak)

(Sample Publishing Permit No.: PPH 15/02/2009(02-Sabah)

ii) Publication Permit (Singapore)

Section 6(1) (b), AMCP 1984: the permit issued to any owner of periodicals in Singapore allowing for the periodicals to be imported, sold, or distributed in Malaysia.

(Sample Publishing Permit No.: PPS 15/02/2009(02-Singapore)

Exemption from Publishing Permit

a)One-Off Publication

b) Any publication or any documents or scheduled magazines by or the Federal Government or any State Government or any statutory Body Under Section 25(1); AMCP 1984;

c)Under the order of the Minister broadcasted in the Gazette under Section 25(2); AMCP 1984.


i)Private Limited/Limited Company, applicant must be one of the Board of Directors or Company Secretary where upon the names is on form 49;

ii)Sole Entrepreneurship/Partnership, applicant must be the main partner or the partner where upon the name is on form D or form B or form E;

iii) Body/Society/Institution etc, application must be made under the name of the Chairman/President/Secretary;

iv) Regional/International Body, application is made under the name of the representative.

Fees Rate

Fees could be made through Bank Draft based on the frequency as follows:

Frequency Total Fees
Daily RM3,000.00
5 or 6 times weekly RM2,000.00
2 or 3 or 4 times weekly RM1,000.00
Weekly RM800.00
2 or 3 times monthly RM500.00
Monthly RM400.00
1 to 11 times annually RM300.00
Newsletter RM50.00



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