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The Police Force Commission of Malaysia's function under Article 140(1) of the Federal Constitution stipulated 6 main functions of the Commission, which are;

  1.  Appointment
  2.  Confirmation of service
  3.  Conferment into pension status
  4.  Promotion
  5.  Transfer
  6.  Exercise disciplinary control


Article 140(1) of the Federal Constitution:

There shall be a Police Force Commission whose jurisdiction shall extend to all persons who are members of the police force and which, subject to the provisions of any existing law, shall be responsible for the appointment, confirmation, emplacement on the permanent or pensionable establishment, promotion, transfer and exercise of disciplinary control over members of the police force:

Provided the Parliament may by law provide for the exercise of such disciplinary control over all or any of the members of the police force in such manner and by such authority as my be provided in that law, and in that event, if the authority is other than the Commission, the disciplinary control exercisable by such authority shall not be exercised by the Commission; and no provision of such law shall be invalid on the ground of inconsistency with any provision of this Part.



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