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Policing Unit


  • Gazetting the lock-up.
  • Preparing the answers and responses to questions, motions and matters raised in the House of Senate and Houses of Representatives.
  • Handling the public complaints related to crime.
  • Amendments of the laws and regulations related to the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP).
  • Preparing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation of the police force.
  • Gazetting the Registrar of Criminals, Senior Assistant Registrar and Assistant Registrar of Criminals.
  • Coordinating the police application requiring ministral and cabinet approval.
  • Preparing the outlines notes regarding safety issues related to operational duties of the RMP for senior government official to be used during meetings, visits and courtesy calls.
  • Preparing the information and feedback to the subject matters relating to the duties and operation of the police.
  • Representing the ministry in the meeting on security issues which related to the duties and operations of the RMP.
  • Indirect involvement with the other general matters relating to the RMP.


 Border Security Policy Unit


  • To organize meeting/working tour on border security (land, sea and air).
  • Attending seminars, forums, workshops on border security in & outside the country
  • Prepare overview notes / conversations, memoranda / act relating to the Cabinet policy / border security policy & bilateral relations between malaysia foreign countries.
  • Coordination of national key print security management and to review reports and recommendations on gazetting of Protected on Areas and Places (KLTL) for the approval of the Minister of Home Affairs.
  • A member of the forum / mechanism / bilateral relations meeting concerning border security between Malaysia and other countries in the region with regards to border security.


Anti Smuggling Unit


  • Responsible to the National Security Council in reporting matters pertaining to the operations and actions taken by the Anti-Smuggling (UP).
  • Providing support services to the UPP in term of administration, human resource, finance, logistics, development etc.
  • Monitoring and coordinating the overall operations of the UPP.
  • Formulating policies with the National Security Council pertaining to the measures to curb smuggling activities at te country's borders; and
  • Joint secretariat for the Coordinating Committee on Prevention of Smuggling Activitites.




  • Official Secret Act 1972
  • ┬á Protected Areas And Protected Places Act 1959
  • ┬áPolice Act 1967
  • ┬áRegistration of Criminals And Undesirable Persons Act 1969
  • Criminal Justice Act 1953
  • Prison Act 1995 S 7(1)

Peaceful Assembly Act 2011



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