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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who could apply?

The company that has been approved from the Ministry as well as letter of appointment.

2. Is there any other government agencies involved in the application to host a pyrotechnics show?

The approval of the Ministry is a policy decision and applicants are under orders of other agencies like the Police (security), Fire Department (safety) and Public Aviation Department (air traffic).

3. Who is eligible to be appointed as expert in pyrotechnics?

The individual must be a Malaysian citizen, has a certificate of pyrotechnics expertise, no criminal record and not a member of any security force or in service of Malaysian uniform force.

4. Can I get a licence to distribute and sell pyrotechnics explosive?

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security and the Malaysian Royal Police Force do not issue any licence for distributing or sales of pyrotechnics explosive. These explosive matters (or better known as firecrackers or fireworks) that is approved to be imported and sold is of the brand Happy Boom and Pop-pop. Other explosive is banned and ignition is only allowed with the approval of the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security.

5. What are the frequent errors by the applicants?

Did not appoint approved companies to handle pyrotechnics show;
Appointing the person to ignite from members of the uniform force or individual  who is not allowed or with no credentials to ignite pyrotechnics matters;
Using dangerous or expired explosives;
Applying to have a pyrotechnics show for events categorized as unsuitable for  such ignition;
Sending in applications overdue than the date given by the Ministry; and
Sending in details of the event organizer and not the main organizer.

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