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i)    The Malaysian government takes a serious effort to improve the delivery of services of government agencies with the goal of deliverables consistently meet customer expectations.

ii)    In accordance with changes in a dynamic environment and the needs of customers and stakeholders increasingly require the agency to constantly improve the quality of service delivery, the Malaysian government in 2009 has replaced ‘Panduan Mengenai Kumpulan Meningkat Mutu Kerja (KMK)’ to ‘Panduan Mengenai Kumpulan Inovatif dan Kreatif (KIK)’.

iii)    Therefore, ‘Panduan Pembudayaan dan Pemerkasaan dalam Sektor Awam Melalui Horizon Baharu Kumpulan Inovatif dan Kreatif’ is published as a leading national transformation agenda that is both innovative and creative through translation of generating new ideas and bring high-impact changes based on efficiency and effectiveness.


i)    Innovation

a)    A renewal or modification of the product or service better and deliver new value to customers.

b)    An invention that provides real benefits and added value to the existing situation can be categorized as innovation.

c)    Understanding Innovation According to Experts

  • Kuniyoshi Urabe
    Any activity cannot be produced at one time, but a long and cumulative process, including a lot of the decision making process, from discovery to idea’s implementation in the market.

  • Van de Ven, Andrew H.
    Development and implementation of new ideas by the people in a certain period of activity conducted transactions in a particular organization chart.

  • Everett M. Rogers
    Defining that innovation is an idea, practice or object that are realized and accepted as a new thing by any person or group for adoption.

ii)    Creativity

a)    Creativity is the ability or the capability to create, develop and produce something new or a new form of nature through imaginative skills.

  • Ability to think that new ideas are unique and interesting

  • The ability to think critically and analytically evaluate the idea and proposed solutions

  • Ability to think practically that can translate ideas and theory to application form

b)    Creativity is the process of an individual as a result of his personal ability and opportunity as well as in its interaction with its environment will find new or original product adequate to the situation.

c)    There are two (2) main types of creativity which are analytic creativity and intuitive creativity

1.    Intuitive creativity is the kind of intuitive spontaneous creativity through improvisation.

2.    Analytic creativity is what is used which has been designed for its intended purpose

iii)    Outcome

a)    With regards to the results obtained from the KIK project’s implementation in the short term

iv)    Impact

a)    Refers to the impact of the KIK project in the long term

v)    Enabling power

a)    Refers to factors that can propel something to work properly


i)    Stressing the management concept for humanity that emphasizes human capital and management concepts for participation regardless of its position in the organization given the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the organization;

ii)    It is a mechanism involving employees in the process of problem solving or improvement of work processes and the existing standards or introduce something new;

iii)    Applying the concept of knowledge-based and creativity-driven to enable the organization to produce innovations that will add value to the product or service;

iv)    Focusing on ideas, learning, knowledge sharing and creation of value through the identification and problem solving strategies, analysis techniques and the production of new ideas that are creative and innovative;

v)    Improving the efficiency of public sector agencies by enhancing the effectiveness of service delivery and maintaining the welfare of the people;

vi)    The final product KIK geared to the production of quality output that can be significantly and widely used. Thus, the impact and contribution of KIK to the growth and strengthening the economy will be more effective.

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