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Service Process

The ministrys service process encompasses the implementation of various functions that are entrusted to it. Some of these functions are operational while others are support service functions.

In safeguarding national security and public order, the ministry emphasises three key aspects: prevention, enforcement and rehabilitation.

The ministrys clients and target groups encompass not only Malaysian citizens but also non-citizens, whether those with permanent resident status or those who possess working passes or permits or tourists. Even foreign nationals who enter the country without valid permits or illegal immigrants are target groups of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The ultimate aim is to ensure that the country is in a constant state of peace and the people live contentedly.

All citizens must have an identity which must be recorded. This process starts from birth until death. They also need documents to leave the country. Those who want to set up societies need to obtain permission in accordance with the prescribed conditions. The ministrys key role is to manage efficiently all records relating to the population, immigration and societies so that they are accurate and valid.

The entry of foreign nationals must be strictly controlled. Those who enter the country legally are managed through the issue of valid documents that are appropriate for their purpose. Those who enter the country illegally need to be traced to enable legal action to be taken and punishments imposed on them. The ultimate aim is to ensure that foreign nationals are in this country legally.

The issue of various documents and the management of various types of records of citizens and non-citizens may be regarded as preventive measures to ensure that they have valid identities. Thus, their rights can be ascertained and they can be traced in the event of any of violation of the nations laws. The act of registering societies and maintaining their records can prevent the establishment of illegal organisations that can threaten national security. Preventive management can help reduce the burden of enforcement and rehabilitation.

In performing its enforcement and rehabilitation duties, the ministry must deal with various target groups. The first is offenders. The role of the ministry and several departments under it is to ensure that offenders are brought to justice, detained, punished as determined by the courts and, in certain cases, rehabilitated. The ultimate aim is to ensure the country is free from crime.

The second target group is drug traffickers and addicts. The ministry and its agencies are responsible for combating the supply, distribution and abuse of drugs as well as ensuring effective prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of drug addiction. The ultimate outcome is to ensure that the country is free of drugs.

The third target group is victims of disasters or crises since another responsibility of the Ministry of Home Affairs and its relevant agencies is to manage rescue operations in the event of disasters or crises. An important part of this process is involving the public in prevention and assisting in the operations. The main objective is to ensure that the country is in a constant state of readiness to tackle any disaster or crisis.

Another target group is printers, producers and distributors of printed materials, electronic media and films. This group exists as there is a need to supervise and monitor all materials that are disseminated to the public and to enforce the laws in the event of any violation. This includes ensuring the authenticity and preventing the distortion of Quranic text and materials.

All the key processes above are carried out by all departments of the ministry and implementing agencies with the support of all divisions in the ministry in various areas such as policy, legislation, finance, human resources and technology. These divisions operate as a team with the main aim of optimising the utilisation of efficiently managed resources.

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