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Frequent Asked Questions

1. What type of printing/publishing og Al-Quran text requires a license?

  • All forms of printing/publishing containing Al-Qurans words at least a verse, has to get permission from Board of Control and Licence Al-Quran printings (LPPPQ).

2. What is the procedure to apply for license to print/publish Al-Quran text.

  • Get and fill up application form (Form A)
  • Include relevant information/documents :-
    • Copy of valid Printing machine Licence(under AMCP 1984)
    • Copy of Letter of Registration
    • Form A Complete Application Form for license to print/publish Al-Quran text
    • Additional Information in application for licence to print/publish Al-Quran text Form A(1)
    • Copy of Company Registration Letter
    • List of consultant at least 2 certified experts in:
      • Al-Quran and Qiraat Study Memorised
      • Syariah Study
    • List of names of employees with EPF contribution
    • Copy of share holders details (Form 24 Company Act 1965)
    • List of office facilities (like telephone, fax, photo state, machinery and others)

3. I would like to print Al-Quran, which company owns Printing/publish Al-Quran text Licence?

  • You could refer to the list of companies that have been issued licence by the Board of Control and Licence Al-Quran printing listed in this website.

4. What type of Al-Quran Rasm practiced in Malaysia?

  • The Board of Control and Licence Al-Quran printing stated the Al-Quran rasm allowed in Malaysia is Rasm Uthmani Riwayat Hafs An Asim.

5. Who is the authority ensuring the originality and approve the Al-Quran text?

  • Each Al-Quran text would be checked by Checking and Assessmentof Al-Quran text Lajnah and approved by the Board of Control and Licence Al-Quran printing (LPPQ), Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security.

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