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  1. To ensure the continuous maintenance and preservation of national security and public order through strict enforcement of the laws and efficient implementation of policies for programmes that are based on the core services of the Ministry of Home Affairs. These measurements or assessments must be based on indexes of crime, drug abuse, publications, films, societies, citizenship, foreign workers and illegal immigrants.
  2. To ensure the participation of the people in awareness and prevention programmes to raise the level of knowledge, awareness and participation of the public pertaining to the importance of national security and public order
  3. To enhance the effectiveness of treatment and rehabilitation programmes for drug addicts and offenders. Preventive measures are also implemented to ensure that any criminal intent, hostile threats and disorders can be contained.
  4. To provide an efficient and effective quality service delivery system to clients in important matters such as registration of personal identification, passport, registration of societies, publications, printers, private agencies, firearms, films and Quranic text.
  5. To establish strategic co-operation and smart partnerships with other government agencies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as well as international bodies to ensure peace and public order.
  6. To strengthen internal co-operation and collaboration among divisions and departments/agencies under the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  7. To strengthen the administrative mechanism, financial management system, human resource development, ICT usage, procurement and infrastructure development in contributing to the ministrys efforts in line with the advancement in technology, socio-economic growth and current national needs as well as the attainment of the objectives of the ministrys Seven (7)-Year Strategic Plan (2009 - 2015).

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