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Malaysia’s Policy On Counter Terrorism And Deradicalisation Strategy



Ahmad Zahid Hamidi1


Terrorism has emerged to be one of the main security threats to the stability and security of the country. To deal with the challenges, Malaysia has put in place its policy against  terrorism  and  at  the  same time has  passed two  related  legislations namely the  Prevention  of Terrorism Act 2015 (POTA) and the Special Measures against Terrorism in Foreign Countries Act 2015  (SMATA).  Both  legislations are consistent with the spirit and purpose of UNSCR 2178 particularly  in monitoring the activities of foreign terrorist  fighters (FTFs) and  to deal with the threats they pose. Malaysia continues to work closely with other countries and international organisations in improving border security to prevent movement of terrorists. As preventive measures, Malaysia adopted the deradicalisation strategy that requires strategic collaboration between the Government, civil societies and the private sector to inhibit extremist/radical ‘activities’ at home or abroad by individuals or group of individuals. Continuous engagement and counselling are conducted to deradicalise potential or prospective extremists/terrorists. Malaysia has set up Counter Messaging Centre (CMC) in order to monitor terrorist narratives through social media    and all other channels closely to deny extremist proponents from the means and opportunities to pursue extremist or terrorist activities and promote  their  misconstrued ideologies.



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Article writen by The Hon Deputy Prime Minister Dato' Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi published in the Journal of Public Safety and Security