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Application for appeal to the Minister of Home Affairs may be submitted to the Registrar of Societies (ROS) within 30 days from the date of the Registrar's decision as specified under Section 18 of the Societies Act 1966 [Act 335] in any of the following cases—

a) cancellation of registration of the society under section 2A;

b) refusal to register the society under section 7;

c) refusal to grant exemption under subsection 9A (4) to a disqualified person to hold office in any registered society;

d) refusal to approve the change of name or place of business of the society, or amendment of its rules under section 11;

e) refusal to approve the establishment of a branch of the society under section 12;

f) cancellation of the registration of the society under section 13;

g) order prohibiting non-citizens from holding office in a society or prohibiting affiliation, connection, communication or other dealing with any society outside Malaysia and other matters stated in subsection 13A(1);

h) order to amend rules or constitution under subsection 13A (2);

i) refusal to approve an auditor or approving an auditor unacceptable to the society under subsection 14(4);

j) making a provisional order for the dissolution of the society under subsection 14(5);

k) cancellation of the registration of a registered society under section 16 for failure to settle a dispute within the society; or

l) refusal to grant permission under section 49 to become an office-bearer,

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