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Integrity Unit was established through Service Circular No. 6/2013 and serves as a focal point to management of issues related integrity in Ministry of Home Affairs. This Unit establishment aimed to ensure civil servant practice superior work culture with features moral and ethic that is strong hence increasing patriotism spirit.

To ensure his implementation smoothness, six (6) core functions has been placed under Integrity Unit responsibility which encompasses matters following:

a)    Good Governance

  • To ensure the implantation of good governance

b)    Integrity Enrichment

  • To inculcate, institutionalize and implement the concept of integrity in organization.

c)    Identification and Verification

  • To identify and verify complaints in regards to criminal misconduct and the violations on the code of conduct and ethics of organizations and ensure appropriate actions are taken.
  • To report criminal misconduct to responsible enforcement agencies.

d)    Complaint Management

  • To receive and respond on all complaints and information concerning violations of criminal misconduct and ethics of the organization.

e)    Compliance

  • To ensure the compliance of laws and regulations enforced.

f)    Discipline

  • To function as the secretariat of the Disciplinary Board

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