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The role of the Immigration Affairs Division is to ensure that policies and regulations on the entry of foreigners into the country are in line with national interests besides ensuring that eligible citizens and foreigners are not denied any immigration facility. It is also responsible for formulating immigration, passport and entry permit policies as well as matters pertaining to border or cross-border documentation.


To provide the best immigration facilities without compromising on security


To ensure that the policies and regulations pertaining to the entry of foreigners into the country are in line with national interests. To ensure that eligible citizens are not denied any immigration facility. To serve as a bridge and co-ordinator between the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Immigration Department on current and specific issues on behalf of the department or ministry.


Committed, quality, culture of excellence

Main Functions

The main functions of this division encompass policy research, legislation and procedures relating to the co-ordination of entry permits, international relations, immigration pass facilities, documentation control and secretariat for the ForeignersÔÇÖ Management Laboratory.

Acting as secretariat for the Minister of Home Affairs in the exercise of his powers on matters related to immigration

Examining applications and appeals received by the minister and submitting comments and recommendations for the consideration and decision of the Minister of Home Affairs. Among the applications and appeals considered by the division are:

* Entry Permit
* Professional visit pass
* Expatriate officer
* Domestic help who are not from source countries
* Approval for foreign student intake by private institutions of higher learning/private educational institutions/accredited centres

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