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Assets freezing measures is one of the Malaysian Government's efforts in fighting terrorism. Asset freezing is meant to stop financing of terrorism. This measure is taken by listing individuals and groups involved with terrorism. Those listed in the list shall be imposed with asset freezing.

There are three (3) sanction lists that contains names of individuals and groups whose assets shall be frozen:

i) 1267 List - a list maintained by the 1267 Committee of the UN Security Council (PDF, XML and HTML format)

ii) 1988 List - a list maintained by the 1988 Committee of the UN Security Council (PDF, XML and HTML)

iiii) MOHA List a list maintained by the Ministry of Home Affairs (PDF format)

Reporting Institutions (Schedule 1, of the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and proceeds of Illegal Activities Act 2001 - Act 613) are required to check their name list of individuals and groups against these three (3) lists.

If there is an individual or group name match, Reporting Institutions shall immediately freeze the assets and report to their respective Relevant Regulatory and Supervisory Authority. In the event assets have been frozen, Reporting Institutions are also required to report any suspicious transactions to the Financial Intelligence and Enforcement Department, Bank Negara Malaysia.

A complete manual for the implementation of the asset freezing measures (Part VIA, Act 613) is available here.

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