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Appeal for Firearms Ownership

1. Any individual whose application to own firearms declined by the Chief Police could appeal to the Y.A.B. Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security at this address:-


Security and Public Order Division
Level 10, Block D1, Complex D,
Federal Government Administration Centre
Fax no: 03-88891763/1751


2. The appeal should be made within thirty (30) days from the date of decline from the Chief Police.


3. For declination from the State Chief Police, you are advised to submit your appeal to the General Chief Police within thirty (30) days from the actual declination date.


4. The main categories of firearms ownership are to deter pest to crops, self and property security as well as sports.


5. Firearms ownership is not an individuals rights. Each application would be considered based on the eligibility and need of each case.


6. Those who appeal need to attach current supporting evidence when making the appeal to the Ministry.