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The Ministry of Home Affairs is responsible in ascertaining and ensuring only qualified and deserving individuals are granted Malaysian citizenship status so that the safety, harmony, unity and public order as well as the country are not jeopardised.

How To Apply for Citizenship

All citizenship applications shall be presented to the National Registration Department (NRD). Only those who meet the terms and conditions as stipulated by the Federal Constitution (Part III) can apply.

Application form can be obtained and returned to any National Registration Department.For application under Article 16 and Article19 the applicants are required to sit for the Language test conducted by the National Registration Department.

Basic Considerations for Citizenship Application

    * Good behaviour and no criminal record
    * Has resided for a long time
    * High commitment and deep-rooted in this country
┬á┬á┬á * Understand the language, culture and fulfil the NationÔÇÖs needs
    * Contribute to the society and Nation
    * Faithful and loyal to the Nation

Reasons for the Delay of Citizenship Application

    * Each application shall be studied thoroughly
    * Each application will undergo Security Clearance process by PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police Force)
    * To ensure each application is genuine.

Citizenship status represents the highest award granted by the Federal Government to foreigners.

Loss of Citizenship

Status Every Malaysian citizen can lose the citizenship status due to two conditions as provided by the Constitution namely by Rejection (Article 23-Federal Constitution) and Citizenship Status Stripping (Article 24-Federal Constitution).

Retrieval Process of Citizenship Status For Those Who Have Been Stripped Off or Rejected the Malaysian Citizenship

For those who have been stripped of or rejected the Malaysian Citizenship shall have to obtain Federal GovernmentÔÇÖs approval (Article 18(2) Federal Constitution) before they can be registered again as citizens.

Application form can be obtained at the Ministry Of Home Affairs.

Foremost, applicant must hold the Entry Permit and Permanent Resident (PR) status to qualify to apply. Those who have been stripped of or rejected the Malaysian citizenship and have yet to hold the Permanent Resident (PR) status can submit their Permanent Resident (PR) status application at the Malaysia Immigration Department through the entry permit application.