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Wrongdoings under the Printing of Al-Quran text Act

1.  Printing Without License
  • Section 5(1)- Anybody could not print, help to print, publish or help to publish Al-Quran text without approval/licence from the Board. Section 5(6) ÔÇô the penalty: RM10,000 or 3 years imprisonment or both.
2.  Against The License Terms
  • Section 5 (7)- one who does not obey or against any terms of the licence is considered committing an offence. Penalty: RM5,000 or 1 year imprisonment or both.
3.  Final Proof Not Submitted
  • Section 6(1) ÔÇô anyone could not print or publish Al-Quran text unless with the submission and getting the approval/ certified that the Al-Quran text is correct/original.
  • Section 6(3) ÔÇô Penalty : RM 10,000 or 3 years imprisonment or both.
4.  Imported Al-Quran Text
  • Section 7(1) ÔÇô no one could import for sale or distribute Al-Quran text before getting approval from the Board.
  • Section 7(2) ÔÇô penalty : RM10,000 or 3 years imprisonment or both.
5.  Al-Quran Text Should Have Particular Information
  • Section 8(1) ÔÇô All Al-Quran printed in Malaysia or imported to Malaysia should show explicitly on the first or last page:
    • Name and address of printer/ publisher/ importer
    • Address where it is printed
    • Certificate of correct Al-Quran text
    • Number of relevant reference
  • Section 8(3) ÔÇô Penalty : RM20,000 or 5 years imprisonment or both
6.  The Al-Quran Text Should Be Printed According To Certification
  • Section 9(1) ÔÇô No one could print/ publish Al-Quran text different from what the Board has approved.
  • Section 9(2) ÔÇô Penalty : RM20,000 or 5 years imprisonment or both
7.  A Copy Of The Al-Quran Text Must Be Submitted To The Board And Another To Be Kept
  • Section 10(1) ÔÇô any one who prints Al-Quran text need to submit a sample as soon as possible for the BoardÔÇÖs keeping.
  • Section 10(2) ÔÇô Penalty : RM2,000 or 6 months imprisonment or both.
8.  Waste From Printing Of Text Or Materials From Al-Quran
  • Section 11(1) ÔÇô one who prints something from the Al-Quran or materials from Al-Quran must take all precautionary steps to ensure all waste material with printed Al-Quran text must be destroyed immediately by burning in a enclosed premise where it could not be entered by the public, in any means, except when it is being moved to be destroyed.
  • Section 11(3) ÔÇô Penalty : Rm5,000 or 1 year imprisonment or both.
9.  Control, Sale, Distribution And Publication Of Al-Quran Text
  • Seksyen 13(1) ÔÇô Tidak seorang pun boleh menjual, menawarkan untuk Jualan, Section 13(1) ÔÇô no one could sell, offer for sale, distribute or publish or has in his keeping or control for means of sale or distribution of Al-Quran text except he could explicitly show information of approval/certification on the first or last page of the certification mentioned in subsection (1) section 8 or subsection (3) section 12.
  • Section 13(2) ÔÇô Penalty : A fine of RM5,000 or 2 years imprisonment or both.
10.  Printing Of Text/Material From Al-Quran With Errors
  • Section 14(1) ÔÇô no one could print or publish any text/material from Al-Quran containing errors of the Al-Quran words.
  • Section 14(2) ÔÇô Penalty : Fined not more than RM20,000 or imprisonment not more than┬áyear or both.