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1. What is the authority source for Film Censorship Board establishment?
Film Censorship Board (LPF) was established in accordance with Section 4, the Film Censorship Act 2002 (Act 620). This act is enforced by the Minister of Home Affairs.

2. What is the function of LPF?
LPF has to implement policies related to film censorship based on the Film Censorship Act 2002.

3. What is a "film"?
Under Article 3, the Film Censorship Act 2002, the film is defined as the whole or any part of:

i. A cinematograph film, and
ii. A video tapes, diskettes, laser discs, compact discs, hard drives and other records, the original or a sequence of images, which is a record that can be used as a means of showing that sequence as a moving picture, whether or not accompanied by sound.

4. Why there should be censorship?
Film censorship should be made in order to control and determine the content of the film for safety, religious, socio-cultural, decency and etiquettes for the interests of the Nation and society.

5. What kind of films that being censors?
All kinds of films and publicity material as defined by Film Censorship Act 2002.

6. How do you know a film has been approved by the LPF?
Each film approved will be issued a Certificate 'A'. Meanwhile, copies of the film sold must have Certificate 'B'.

7. What decision or classification issued by the LPF?
The censorship results are as follows:

1. Lulus Bersih (LB) or;
2. Lulus Dengan Pengubahan (LDP) or;
3. Tidak Diluluskan Untuk Tayangan (TUT)

Meanwhile, there are three types of classification:

U -This category is for viewing by all walks of life without age limit. The film potrays good values, decency and positive lessons as well as entertaining.

P13 -Viewers under 13 years of age need parental/guardian supervision while viewing. Scenes in the film consists elements of horror; scary; negative acts; suspense and frantic elements, but not excessive; elusive storyline; and elements that can disturb a child’s emotion.

18 -This category is for viewers aged 18 and above. The film contains elements of horror, gory, and violent, but not excessive; adult scene that is not excessive; social, sensitive political and religious elements which require a high level understanding.

8. What must be submitted to apply for LPF approval?

For local films, please submit:
1. Complete Permit Application/ Film Censorship Form issued by LPF
2. Statutory Declaration of movie ownership
3. 35mm/DVD/VCD film, film publicity material
4. Film synopsis

For advertising films, additional documents are required:
1. FINAS payment receipt
2. Approval for advertising agencies designated products
3. Story Board

For imported movies, please submit:
1. Permit Application/ Film Censorship Form
2. Statutory Declaration of movie ownership
3. Customs approval documents
4. 35mm/3D/2D/DVD/VCD film, film-publicity material
5. Film synopsis

9. Does the film owner may appeal the decision of LPF:
Under section 21 of the Film Censorship Act 2002, if the owner of the film does not agree with the decision of the LPF, they may appeal to the Films Appeal Committee within 30 days from the date of the decision letter issued by LPF.

10. Who can be a member of the Film Censorship Board?

1. Malaysian citizens
2. Aged 25 to 65 years.
3. Qualified at least Diploma level or equivalent qualification.
4. Good health condition
5. Experience in specific areas such as administration, management, religious, enforcement, security, poetry and other relevant fields.
6. Preference is given to candidates who have skills in multiple languages.
7. Ability to write reports in good Malay.
8. Good attitude, appropriate maturity level and able to analyse well.