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Presently, films  approved by the LPF are classified into three categories, namely: U; P13; and 18 as follows:


-This category is for viewing by all walks of life without  age limit. The film potrays  good values, decency and  positive lessons as well as entertaining.


-Viewers under 13 years of age need parental/guardian supervision while viewing. Scenes in the film  consists elements of horror; scary; negative acts; suspense and frantic  elements, but not excessive; elusive storyline; and  elements that can disturb a child’s emotion.


-This category is for viewers aged 18 and above. The film contains elements of horror, gory, and violent, but not excessive; adult scene that is not excessive; social, sensitive political and religious elements which require a high level understanding.


Earlier Film Classification

Film classification was introduced in 1953 which classified films into two categories, for Adults Only and Public Viewing.

Beginning 1996 the classification was changed to U and 18. Classification 18 was divided into 4 sub-categories as follows:



- Contains elements of violence or horror, but not too excessive.


- Contains elements of sex, but not too excessive.


- Touching religious, social and political aspects


- With  a combination of two or more  elements of violence, horror and sex.

In April 2010,  film classification was changed to U, PG13 and 18. In January 2012,  film classification was changed to the currently used classification of U; P13; and 18.


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