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The Security Division (K) is one of the 25 major divisions within the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Generally, K Division's function is to preserve, maintain and enhance domestic security and border security as well as enhance the effectiveness of applicable law enforcement.

Part K essentially covers three (3) important aspects of prevention, enforcement and recovery. The first and second elements of prevention and enforcement are realized through the implementation of the existing Prevention Law which has been entrusted to this Division namely:

1. Crime Prevention Act 1959;
2. The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2015;
3. Dangerous Drugs (Special Preventive Measures) Act 1985;
4. Official Secrets Act 1972
5. Official Secret Act 1972
6. Prohibition and Restriction Area Act 1959
7. Protected Areas And Protected Places Act1959
8. Police Act 1967
9. Police Act 1967
10. Registration of Criminals and Unwanted Persons Act 1969
11. Registration Of Criminals And Undersirable Persons Act 1969
12. Criminal Justice Act 1953
13. Criminal Justice Act 1953
14. Prison Act 1995
15. Prison Act 1995 S 7 (1)
16. The Peaceful Assembly Act 2011
17. Peaceful Assembly Act 2011
18. Important Standing Instructions 1993

The third element of the Recovery is realized through the rehabilitation program that has been designed against detainees who have been subject to detention order at the Center for Rehabilitation Center (PPA).

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