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Current Policies

* Foreign worker intake applications for the sub-sectors of cargo handling, dhobi, barbering, retail and wholesale trade, textile trade, metal, scrap and used items, spa and reflexology, hotels, caddying and welfare homes have been frozen with effect from 22 January 2009.

* Outsourcing companies are allowed to supply and manage foreign workers only for the manufacturing, plantation and agriculture sectors with effect from 1 January 2010.

* Foreign worker intake applications by outsourcing companies must be based on the actual requirements of the principal companies.

* Foreign worker intake applications for the agriculture sector should be accompanied by the following supporting documents:

 Agriculture report from the Department of Agriculture for the crop sub-sector;

 Report from the Department of Veterinary Services for the livestock sub-sector;

 Report from the Department of Fisheries for the fisheries sub-sector.

 * Foreign workers are not allowed to work as front-line workers.

 * Foreign worker intake approvals are made based on the total actual requirements of employers/companies.