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The Accounts Division is under the Management Sector of the Ministry of Home Affairs. It is a self-accounting department which performs accounting tasks at the ministry. As an accounting office, the Accounts Division is responsible for keeping accounts of the collection of government revenues and managing payments for expenditures of the ministry. This division is headed by a Jusa C grade chief accountant and has an approved staff of 117.

To improve the accounting service delivery system, this division comprises two (2) branches, the Operation Management Branch and Accounting Management Branch. The Operation Management Branch is responsible for the preparation of the complete statements of the ministry apart from ensuring that payments are made according to regulations and determining the accuracy of revenue collections. The Accounting Management Branch is responsible for ensuring that the system developed runs smoothly, providing accounting and financial advisory services, conducting inspection programmes and surprise visits, and organising courses, training and workshops for staff of the division and responsibility centres.

Towards excellent accounting and financial services

To provide excellent accounting and financial services to ensure the ministry achieves its objectives


i. To ensure efficient implementation of accounting and financial systems
ii. To ensure the preparation of true and fair financial statements of the ministry
iii. To ensure that payments and revenues are accounted for accurately and in compliance with financial regulations that are in force
iv. To provide quality accounting and financial advisory services

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