1. Q: What sectors are allowed to employ foreign workers?

          A: The approved sectors are as follows:

              (a)  Manufacturing;

             (b)  Construction;

             (c)  Plantation;

            (d)  Agriculture; and

            (e)  Services

                  (i) Restaurant sub-sector (cooks only)

                  (ii) Cleaning and sanitation sub-sector

                 (iii) Resort island sub-sector

2. Q: What is the levy payment rate for each approved worker?

    A: The levy payment rate for each approved worker varies according to sector. After  obtaining approval, the employer must make levy payment according to the following  rates:

         (i)  Manufacturing sector                      RM 1,250

         (ii) Construction sector                         RM 1,250

        (iii) Plantation sector                              RM   590

        (iv) Agriculture sector                             RM  410

        (v) Services sector                  

              (a) Restaurant (cooks)                 RM 1,850      
              (b) Cleaning and sanitation           RM 1,850
              (c) Resort islands                         RM 1,250

3. Q: What are the approved source countries for foreign workers?

    A: Intake of foreign workers from the following source countries are allowed:

   1. Thailand
   2. Cambodia
   3. Myanmar
   4. Laos
   5. Vietnam
   6. Kazakhstan
   7. Nepal
   8. Pakistan
   9. Sri Lanka
  10. Turkmenistan
  11. Uzbekistan

4. Q: Are foreign workers from India allowed to work in the manufacturing sector?

    A: No. Workers from India are allowed to work only in the services sector (restaurants only), construction sector (high tension cables), agriculture sector and plantation sector.

 5. Q: Are male workers from Indonesia allowed to work in the manufacturing sector?

     A: No. Male workers from Indonesia are allowed to work in all sectors except the  manufacturing sector, while female workers from Indonesia are allowed to work in all sectors.

 6. Q: What is the length of time taken to obtain a decision on an application?

     A: A complete application which satisfies all the conditions stipulated in the checklist will be processed and a decision given on the same day.

 7. Q: When does an employer need to make the levy payment and how?

     A: The employer whose foreign worker application has been approved will receive        approval certification and must make the levy payment within 48 hours of the date of approval.

Payment should be made in the form of a bank draft in the name of ‘Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia’.

8. Q: What are the sectors allowed if an employer recruits foreign workers from outsourcing companies?

     A: Outsourcing companies are allowed to supply and manage foreign workers only for the manufacturing, plantation and agriculture sectors.

9. Q: Are foreign workers allowed to work as cashiers?

     A: No. Foreign workers are not allowed to work as front-line workers.

10. Q: What is the criterion in determining the number of foreign workers allowed?

        A: Approval for the intake of foreign workers is given based on the actual requirement of the employer/company.


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